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The dysfunctional management and leadership disaster at the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) continues with no end in sight and a seeming inability to correct long identified problems by multiple media and government investigations.   Efforts by those in command to “slow roll” family members of our lost heroes by refusing to provide information from their files continues and has even reached new heights under DPAA.  Basic information that could either bring closure or provide for the possibility that their loved ones might ultimately be found, identified, and returned home for burial is simply not shared with families or those investigating their cases.  

The response by the command at JPAC was always “We don’t want to give them false hope.”  Our Foundation’s founder’s retort was always the same, “How about we tell the families the truth and let them decide if there is hope, false or otherwise?”  To that query, there was never an answer…only more dysfunction, retaliation, slow rolling, and frustration.  The management mantra of “Delay, Deny, and Wait for the Families to Die” continues in full bloom and is now infecting the replacement agency at DPAA simply because many of those who developed that policy have not been removed and remain in functional control.  Disgraceful! 

This has not stopped our Foundation from helping family members obtain truthful information about their missing service member.  We play JPAC/DPAA’s idiotic “Freedom of Information” (FOIA) game and file the paperwork as demanded.  The overworked FOIA clerk at JPAC finds the files and her boss orders them sent them to the National Archives.  The Archives refuses to release the documents to us under the FOIA because they say the files are the property of JPAC/DPAA and the Archives has no authority to release them.  Catch 22!  Disgraceful!

To get the necessary research documents to aid families, we filed a federal lawsuit to force JPAC/DPAA to produce the files.  After a year of so of legal wrangling through the Federal District Court, JPAC/DPAA lost the case and the judge ordered the documents released and taxpayer dollars spent to reimburse the Foundation for the costs of the senseless litigation.  Disgraceful!

The Foundation’s persistence in the task to help families includes expensive journeys to the National Records Center in St. Louis to copy paper records that could easily be provided electronically.  But JPAC/DPAA is either so antiquated in their records systems or so anal in their refusal to release 70 year old records for historical research, that a long trip and a physical search through paper files is required when the same files are available to JPAC/DPAA personnel on-line.  Disgraceful!

In April 2015, the Secretary of Defense announced a “new” policy regarding disinterring and identifying over 8,000 “unknowns” buried in American military cemeteries worldwide.  The policy change was accompanied by a much ballyhooed press release to the media.  When the Foundation requested a copy of the new policy from DPAA, we were told that we needed to make a formal legal request for the information through the “Freedom of Information Act” or FOIA.  Our researchers filed the FOIA paperwork on April 18, 2015.  DPAA finally provided the policy on October 7, 2016…A YEAR AND A HALF AFTER it was given to the media!  So much for the spirit of cooperation and ”transparency” pledged by the “new” DPAA agency head before he quit in less than a year.  Guess he found out that the JPAC leftovers remain in control at DPAA.  Disgraceful!

At the same time the policy was requested, Foundation researchers requested the case files on nine sets of remains of missing American service men who were sitting on the shelves in  DPAA Laboratory.  A YEAR AND A HALF AFTER the request, DPAA responded that they had “no records pertaining” to the cases.  What makes this response so unbelievably incredible is that Chief Stone physically handled many of these case files and actually placed investigative reports in these files whiles at JPAC/DPAA!  Disgraceful! 

Despite all of the dysfunction at JPAC/DPAA and all the roadblocks set up to deter our efforts, to date we have completed over 300 comprehensive “Family Reports” for those who continue to await the recovery, identification, and return of a lost service member.  Often our customized “Family Reports” exceed 80 pages in length and include photographs, maps, and other materials from government files that we have obtained through our efforts to aid families. 

If you are a family member of one of these “Lost Heroes” please contact our Foundation at the link above as soon as possible so that we may send you a customized “Family Report” with a great deal of  information about your family member. 

There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE for our services.    


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