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The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation was established in 2006 and certified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a qualified private charitable foundation under Section 501 (C) (3) of the IRS Code with approval to disburse funds for charitable purposes, to promote education, to support public safety, and to combat unethical conduct, crime, and corruption.

As a result of the Founder’s efforts while a member of the Department of Defense in 2011 and 2012, the Board of Directors approved the continuation of efforts to research and investigate cases of those who remain unaccounted for from World War II.  The purpose of this research is to promote the education of family members and others by aiding in the recovery, identification, and return of these missing heroes.

We always stand ready to assist the Department of Defense by utilizing the advanced law enforcement investigative techniques we developed based on our “Random Incident Statistical Correlation (RISC)” profiling system and other sophisticated technologies we have helped develop such as MissingPersonLink’s computerized “Cranial Facial Recognition Program (CFRP)”.   In conjunction with our extensive Foundation databases our researchers and investigators can provide the names of the most likely matches as specific recommendations for forensic analysis of any remains recovered from World War II battlefields.

You do not see “Inc.” at the end of our Foundation’s name.  We are not a corporation who on one hand seeks and accepts huge, multi-million dollar government contracts for work related to the search for MIA’s and on the other hand begs the public for money to support the same activities they are paid by the government to perform.  We see a distinct ethical conflict for those organizations that operate this way and have great pity for those that who do not see this as a problem.  Especially, when they criticize others who do not have a profit motive for “doing the right thing” .

Our Foundation does not claim to recover or identify missing American servicemen and women.  We care absolutely nothing about receiving “credit” for the location, recovery, and identification of missing American servicemen and women.  Anyone who seeks “credit” for this noble cause and is jealous of any other person or group’s activities to help in some small way to further the goal of bringing our heroes home is not worthy of attention.  We don’t issue press releases and refuse to make wild claims in the media about recovering and identifying “hundreds” of missing servicemen, as do some private corporations in hopes of obtaining government contracts and “donations”.

Our Foundation’s sole mission regarding MIA’s is to provide research information upon request to their families and to the Department of Defense to assist in locating the remains for disinterment of “Unknowns” in American military cemeteries or in the field.  When cases that we have investigated are resolved with the official identification of a MIA, our Foundation is the first to offer thanks to ALL who were involved in the process and note the extent of our Foundation’s involvement in the case, which may have been large or small.  Yes, our thanks even includes the people who are paid to do the actual recovery work both in American cemeteries and on far flung battlefields of the past.

Disintering an Unknown

One unique aspect of The Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation is that our By-Laws were formulated to insure that not one single penny can ever be spent for “administrative compensation”. ALL members of the Foundation including our Founder, Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, researchers, staff, and investigators agree to serve without compensation. NO salaries or funds of any kind are ever paid to anyone for work at the Foundation.  The Foundation does not sell its reports or copies of government records to anyone.  We do not sell “memberships”, battlefield tours, airplane rides, books with photographs of our ancestor’s skeletal remains, or hire telemarketers to solicit money.  We accept NO government funding and we do not apply for grants from any entity.  Because of this unique stance in keeping with the ethical principles of our Founder, we must hold our expenses to an absolute minimum in acquiring the research materials necessary.

We operate as a “charitable foundation” rather than a “non-profit” entity, which means that any donations we receive must be given away to others in the form of individual or organizational grants for the purposes described in our IRS charter or used to purchase research materials or preservation activities, rather than paid to ourselves for “administrative compensation”.

Those who wish to do so may send a fully tax deductible charitable donation in support of our efforts by using the “Make a Donation” link on this web site.

And finally, the Board of Directors of the Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation would like to leave you with this anonymous quote which graced the office of our founder during his tenure at the Department of Defense:


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